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Posted on September 4, 2017

Posted by: Ascent Brand Communications Pvt Ltd

10 questions marketers should ask while selecting rural marketing agency in India

Selecting a rural marketingagency to work with can be a challenging job because you have to find synergy through different working styles and approaches. As a marketer, the focus remains on experience and portfolio, which is important but at the same time not completely accurate.

One of the many things a marketer has to remember while selecting a rural marketing agency is that it is equivalent to giving them the power to direct your brand in a definitive direction. This should clue the marketer in for taking an informed decision which should be based on a selected list of prerequisites.

Essential Inquiries to be made before selecting rural marketing agency



  1. Experience?

A marketing agency’s substance is best umpired with a combination of work experience and skill set. Even though it is difficult to get a clear picture, it is best to assess the knowledge portion using the work done by them over the past.

  1. Team handling the assignment?

Once, the acquaintance with the agency is complete, it is time to get to know the people you have to work with. There are times when a team is allotted by the rural marketing agency and therefore it is really important to know and converse with them. It is necessary that the communication is smooth so that the whole exercise goes without any misunderstanding.

  1. Company’s involvement?

The reason a rural marketing agency is hired, is to utilize their skills for the benefit of the brand in a very difficult area of operation. However, at the same time, the company needs to be involved in a certain way to ensure that the agency’s approach is in harmony with the company’s.

Marketing strategy

  1. Marketing strategy?

A great part of rural marketing is strategizing correctly as per the brand’s needs and product’s requirement. Therefore, a discussion about what strategy will the agency adopt if selected should play a key role in its selection.

  1. On ground implementation?

Words are powerful but they should be followed by action, while saying penning down strategies can sound easier, implementing it is a whole different story all together. One should be comfortable to discuss the procedure about fulfilling the objectives that rural marketing agencies select for the brand. For example, if the strategy says to target youth in rural area and small towns, curiosity about touch points and medium is understandable.

  1. Budget determination?

Every company wants their product to be a hit and their brand to be successful but at the same time there can be some financial restrictions. It is not feasible to over spend or under spend on rural marketing campaigns. Therefore, discussion about the expected investments should be participated in with a very clear and precise approach. ROI is the key now companies look at while devising campaign for justification at management level. 

  1. Expense reporting?

Another discussion that should be preferred at selection stage is regarding the expenses being done by rural marketing agency while on the job and how this would be reported to the company. 

Progress reporting

  1. Progress reporting?

It is impossible to be physically present at every touch pointor promotional event and therefore the question about how the progress of the campaign will be communicated by the agency is significant.

  1. Performance indicators?

Another enquiry that should be made in regards to reporting or progress reports is that they should be made in such a way that it is easily understandable without the hindrance created by technical jargon. In order to achieve this, performance indicator needs to be known and communicated. 

  1. Follow up?

These times demand special attention to be paid to potential customers as revenue is controlled by the amount of satisfaction they feel and therefore it is important to discuss this strategy with the rural marketing agency.

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