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Condom Awareness Program – A Community Connect InitiativeConnect

Social Initiatives

Population Services International (PSI) India is a registered Indian Society operating since 1988. PSI, with programs in safe water, nutrition, family planning and HIV/AIDS uses social marketing to achieve positive behavior change through the promotion of ideas, products and services supportive of better health.

With very low density of condom usage in Rajasthan, the objective of the campaign was to “project condom as normal to use”. The challenge was therefore to normalize the condom usages by sending out the message that condom is an okay product to use and offers protection from against HIV/STI as well as unwanted pregnancy. The PSI wanted mid media activity in the form of games to achieve above objective.

Thus a campaign centered on engagement games was designed. Three innovative games were designed for the campaign and were crowd participation based games.

Snake & Ladder

A 8X8 feet Snake & ladder was used to engage the men. The snakes symbolized the harms of not using condom (AIDS, STD, infection etc.) whereas the ladders iterated the benefits of using condoms (Freedom from unwanted pregnancy, safe sex etc). the involvement of crowd was done through Q&A session conducted by Anchor.

The Blind Fold game

The game ensured a long lasting recall of messages as audience had to direct the participants to hit out the pot. The pots were printed with dangers of AIDS & STI and participants were required to hit out the pots. The twist in game was the anchor who asked blind folded participants to hit a particular pot out by being remained in the circle. So it was audience who was reading the message written on the pot and directs the player.

Musical chair game

In this game, the message was to show the player that how making a good choice can save the life. So among five chairs players have to sit on the right one to remain in the game. One chair had the message of AIDS and whosoever sits on it gets disqualified. Finally a clear message sent as to not to go with AIDS.