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Hero Honda mandi Campaign – using a dying form of ArtBeyond-Metro

Rural and small town marketing

Hero Honda planned to do a Mandi campaign with the use of an innovative and crowd pulling concept. Ascent designed a campaign with the use of Puppet Show as a medium to attract crowd. A pre recorded audio jingle was used to play with the puppet show.

A branded van, housed with a Puppet Show setup would go to the Mandi, when a pre recorded jingle would play to attract the crowd. The Emcee would invite the people to join the show.

As the show would start, the promoters would distribute the leaflets and generate leads for sales and conversions.

To further build up the momentum, the Emcee would engage the crowd with a Q&A session, the answers for which would be in Puppet Show script. Freebies were distributed to the participants.

With the end of the activity, the team would move to the next location.

The following were the main elements of the activity:

  • Branded Van ( Tata Ace )
  • Show Artist (1 Artists)
  • Puppet Kit / Infrastructure
  • Costumes, Carpets, curtain Etc.
  • Supervisor (1)
  • Leaflets / Brochures
  • Jingle / Pre-recorded Message
  • Route Planning
  • Feedback & Reporting Mechanism

The most attractive element of the campaign was the jingle which was liked across the campaign.

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