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Karo Shriram Jyada Ka Irada – Multi layered ActivityBeyond-Metro

Rural and small town marketing

Client: Shriram Fertilizers & Chemicals


Shiram Fertilisers & Chemicals (SFC) has been a dominant brand in northern India with a loyal base of customer, and a proven record of lots of well performing products. One of it is Shriram Sper Phosphate (SSP).

In Maharashtra, SSP has been present for a while except for western Maharashtra which is an acclaimed region for horticulture; on the account of irregularity on supply front the retail presence was unsteady in those areas. As a result trade, distributors & dealers, were hesitant.

On the end user front, Phosphate being the most generic yet essential nutrient was by default indispensible and must-use for farmer. But no marketing efforts were put in till now.

This time with renewed focus, SFC has come up with a newly operational plant in the same region to better serve the market in long run.


The brief was to embark upon a marketing plan that would develop the market afresh and buld up the confidence of all the stakeholders.

The product, SSP, our telephonic survey confirmed, was at par with the farmers’ expectations. The challenge was to stand out and create a unique preposition for our product.

The following objectives were meant to be achieved:

  • To establish SFC as one of the leading company of today’s time and SSP as a promising product with an assurance of uninterrupted supply from new plant
  • To take brand to end users and convince them on the overall proposition
  • To build hype and hysteria around the brand amongst all the stake holder

Creative Route: Karo Shriram Super ka Irada


Our strategic understanding of the product and market led us to identify the market segments and their media preference. Involvement of all the customer/consumer segments such as distributors, retailers, progressive farmers & farmers at Village level was at the core of the chalked out concept backed by right timing and touch point/place. In addition to this, compelling product messages across each chosen media overridden by right communication strategy of Karo SSP Ka Irada turned out to be the force behind the campaign and integration.


The conceptualization was transformed beautifully into cohesive action. Having had clarity on the scope of integration for the job in hand, Ascent zeroed down on the judicious mix of the activities/media that later became the very reason for success.
Apart from this, a comprehensive press release in all leading Marathi Newspapers for a period of 40 days, ensured our reach to 400 villages.

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