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Sikkim Manipal University – Urban BTL CampaignEncircle

Urban Brand Activations

SMU wanted to create a buzz in the market for its 5 learning centers in West Bengal. The target was to establish a pull strategy to increase registrations in the participating centers before 30th september.

A campaign route of mobile hoardings and non-lit look-walkers was taken to achieve the objective. The idea was to increase brand visibility, create brand awareness, engage the consumers and give product demonstration.

A toll free no. was setup by SMU, which was also promoted in the campaign.

Activity Modes Operand :

  • Two mobile hoardings with groups of 5 look-walkers each activated in North and South Kolkata respectively.
  • The mobile hoardings moved across the designated territories as per the daily route plan.
  • At certain target points across the city (which is mapped as per TG Segmentation), the mobile hoardings were stationed and the on-feet campaign was started by the look-walkers.
  • Look-walkers carried a non-lit board at their back which promoted the brand message directly to the TG. Alongside, leafleting was done for a period of 45mins- 1hour, in every location.
  • Direct consumer engagement was done through consumer interaction by the look-walkers and on-spot dialing of the toll free number to introduce the experiential aspect of the campaign.
  • Consumers were also encouraged to enroll in the participating centers and win the free tablet (as per client scheme). This acted as a pull factor.
  • Post this, the mobile hoarding would move to another targeted location to repeat the activity.

Campaign Reach:

  • Composite BTL campaigning for 9 hrs per day
  • Increasing brand visibility, brand awareness, consumer engagement and product demonstration

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