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Sonu Nigam Live in Concert Digital-Pitara

Digital Marketing solution

We came up with 360 degree digital plan encompassing various social platforms like facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc where tailor made profiles were create for these platforms.

We came up with event and paid campaigns in facebook and gave preference to hindi content for a traction among mass. We came up with various engagement ideas like Selfie with Sonu Nigam, Spot the promotion contest, Daily Lucky winner etc.

We instigated audience by various posts like ‘hurry up few tickets available’ join social cause of education to tribal children, sharing posts of preparation of event and asking them to share pics of poster of Sonu Nigam event seen in the town.


Major challenge was the time as we got only 22 days to promote this event in the city. On top of it was urging people to go for tickets as it was one of its kinds of public event in the town with tickets where ticketing events are exception in the city.