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TVS detailed caselet finalBeyond-Metro

Rural and small town marketing


Generally people seek loan from near and dear ones and after repeated borrowings, people become hesitant while asking for money. Most of the people are not aware of availing loan from sources other than near and dear ones.

TVS Credit is committed to support the socio-economic development of a larger section of the society and empower customers in rural locations to realize their dreams. The customers can avail the loan for agriculture, business, education, and other personal purposes.

It was imperative to disseminate knowledge for product of TVS Credit, elaborate their marketing efforts. It allows rural people to experience the convenience of taking loan at affordable interest rates and make TVS Credit as their judicious choice.

Farmers always plan to have sufficient liquidity according to sowing and harvesting seasons of Indian agricultural commodities. Tractor being basic necessity of farmers, TVS credit initiated to provide loan on tractor to farmers. In addition, agency business also needs to be boosted for better filtration and conversion of farmers in rural areas.

The brief have placed utmost importance to farmers who have tractor and suitable candidates for agency business. The brief sought ways to ensure full conversion of the same.

In totality, the brief mandated to surround farmers with relevant outreach strategies to elicit a favorable behavior.


After deliberating the brief with client, Ascent has come up with the idea of “Samradhi ka Shubharambh” for loan product and “Mera Vyavsai Meri Pehchan” for agency business. The campaign has been conceptualized to cater farmers for loan and at the same time, identifies agents for business. The integrated campaign have started across MP, UP and Rajasthan from 17th May 2016.

“Samradhi ka Shubharambh”

“Samradhi ka Shubharambh” aimed at providing one stop solution to farmers for deriving money through tractor and gain high levels of prosperity.

The solution offered to have loan for farmers that can be availed on their Tractors, hence there is no need to see their near and dear ones. Moreover, the loan amount availed from TVS Credit could be invested by farmers for multiple reasons or occasions that will fetch them prosperity.

An integrated activation approach have been conceptualized to reach target group i.e. farmers and it have been linked with Tele-calling (inbound & outbound), Brand activation, Posters & Print advertisements, Direct interaction for better results. The utilization of different communication mediums has ensured maximum reach to target group.

The story telling and hammer engagement game has been initiated to communicate the ways of reaching prosperity, understand the wishes of farmers through TVS loan and fetch prosperity in their lives. The realistic story of farmer, ups and downs of their life, financial security, tractor as a source of loan have been communicated in creative and visual ways to engage the crowd.

The activity has been carried out further under which people have to answer comic questions related to the story of farmer. The communication strategy “Samradhi ka Shubharambh” has been extremely successful because of its clear message and positive vibes in the target market.
The giant replica of coconut has been represented in float to indicate initiation of prosperity in campaign and jingle with catchy phrases have also been played to create utmost awareness in target areas.

“Mera Vyavsai Meri Pehchan”

The dedicated team of promoters has communicated about Mera Vyayvsai, Meri Pehchaan and ways of reaching prosperity through TVS credit.
The pre-campaign activity and direct contact program have been conducted to create strong base for the activity. The van activity have started and catered maximum number of farmers, interacted with them for agency business, explained agency benefits through this program.


The concept has been transformed into cohesive actions that deployed and synchronized different communication mediums to leverage the benefits up to maximum extent. The activity have been carrier forward extensively with segregation of geographical areas into high potential, average potential and low potential villages. The specialized phases i.e. Pre-campaign; Main engagement and Direct Contact program were selected to cater different needs of market.

The extensive biker team in direct contact program have kick started the program with lot of buzz in target areas. The team has conducted research on specific areas, invited farmers on theme of “Amantran Smaradhi ki Shuruvat ka” by meeting them at their doorsteps and other popular places.

The main purpose of this activity is to invite farmers, collect their contact numbers, putting stickers on tractors, distribution of leaflets, promotion of miss call number and ultimately target footfalls in the main activity. The bikers have covered specific target areas prior 2 days of main activity.

In line with the pre-campaign activity, the main engagement round have been conducted with high excitement level. The focus of main activity is to engage maximum number of farmers, entertain them, and educate them about adoption of new ways to resolve their financial problems rather than asking from near and dear ones. The specific areas were covered with the selected theme of “Samradhi ka Shubhaarambh”& “Swa Rojgar Yojana”

The main activity started with customized branding and jingle to catch maximum number of eyeballs and after greeting the audience, team members explains the activity and initiate the same.

The qualifier round was first engagement round under which an entertaining story of a farmer imbibing product features and usage has been conveyed to audience. The idea of storytelling was to make audience realize the problem solving mechanism of TVS Credit.

Along with the main engagement activity, another outlet was placed under the banner “Swa Rojgar” and self-employment program were explained to audience.

Once the story is finished, anchor asked few interesting and comic questions about the story, and people who answer these questions correctly will be qualified for next main engagement round. The selected people were bifurcated according to their problem statements and offered solutions with the theme “Naariyal phod kar samasya ka samadhaan”.

The anchor asks financial problem of selected candidates and the participants will be invited for engagement game. The anchor asked about the major financial problem of contestant and asked them to hit that problem with hammer. Once the button is hit with hammer, giant coconut will break and a water fountain inside the coconut will start in same way as happens while breaking a real coconut. The coconut will be broken only once within the engagement round.

After completion of main engagement round, gratification has been conducted by distribution of key chains and vests to winners of game.

The direct contact program was conducted to meet the target audience at their doorsteps, dissipate the desired information and encourage people for Samradhi ka Shubhaarambh with TVS credit. The direct contact strategy was conducted at those locations which are not covered in the main engagement activity.

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