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High brand visibility certainly adds to high brand recall

Higher Brand Recall is a tricky concept and a rather difficult goal to achieve, the best bet is to incorporate the brand into the lives of the customers in a nonchalant manner with the help of branding agencies. Brand recall does not simply necessitate the customer remembering the brand, it is them relating to the..
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Union budget's impact on rural India Transform, Energize and Clean India

Union budget was announced on 1st February 2017 and the country held its breath wishing for miraculous solutions to their problems. Did it disappoint or deliver? Let’s find out. After facing demonetization, some expected the waves to get higher and hit closer to home while others thought that the water would now become safer to..
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Start-Ups Should Have a Perfect

Start-ups are all the rage these days, entrepreneurs as young as 13 showing up on the hemisphere with mind blowing ideas has become commonplace. India is currently ranked third, close below China in the number of start-ups that were born in the country.

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A Right Go To Market Strategy Comes Out As The Success Mantra

If you are a needle, how will you ensure that people find you in a haystack?
This is exactly how a marketer feels when faced with the dilemma of making a business shine brightest in today’s market. With descend of the modern times, the competition has not just intensified, but also multiplied in quantum.

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