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Posted on June 16, 2016

Posted by: Ascent Brand Communications Pvt Ltd

Marketers Should Prefer Adding Layers While Devising Rural Marketing Campaign for Better ROI, Reach and Impact

Organizations often put a lot of thought into the selection of an appropriate marketing strategy that runs in parallel lanes with their overall objectives. The focus remains on the selection of a singular marketing approach which is to be
adhered to before, during and after the campaign.

What if this approach does not bring the desired results? Identify your mistakes and start again. A lot of small organization’s strategy revolves around the trial and error methods, which have become more available due to digital and new age tools of marketing. The hit and miss of a campaign can pose a series concern in rural marketing campaigns where it is being difficult and pricey to start with a clean slate.
Therefore, the need for a more secure and effective way arises, a way which is not completely eccentric to render the current approach useless but can be merged into it to devise a stronger campaign. If it is a safeguard that the current marketing approach requires, the best one is to add layers to it.

What does adding layers to a marketing campaign means?

It’s like when you plan a dinner party to 100, you don’t just offer one dish, you try to include diversity in the menu and if the budget is not a problem, you make it a 3-course affair with appetizers, main course, and desserts. Moreover, you opt for a buffet arrangement so that they attended can exercise choice and you can save money on catering.

Why is this done though?

Because the simplest ways to ensure satisfaction of the guests whose personal preferences are varied is to provide the palate that has something for all of them. It is the same when devising a campaign for rural marketing, the best way to increase its effectiveness and ensure a good return on investment is to add layers.

The only difference is that a singular approach marketing campaign is like having to complete the appetizers in order to get the main course and gulping the main course to be able to get your hands on the yummy desserts, while layering gives you the option to taste everything on the menu and go for whatever pleases your taste buds the best.
So, in the most basic form, layering is referred to use of multiple channels in a single campaign.

Layering the rural marketing campaign – Advantages and Methods

There are various benefits that are added to the system with the addition of each layer into the mix. Below is a list of few such pointers that will push you towards the decision:-

  • Better reach as when multiple channels are used, more audiences can be targeted and reached.
  •  Increased visibility through these channels help promote awareness about the brand.
  •  A brand which uses multiple channels is perceived as more approachable as there are different ways available to contact them.
  • Better utilization of funds, time and efforts as if one channel fails to
    produce results, another channel can back the costs.

In conclusion, layering leads to better Return on Investment (ROI).

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