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Posted on July 2, 2016

Posted by: Ascent Brand Communications Pvt Ltd

Edutainment can play a catalytic role in conveying intended message to rural people for better understanding

Why rural marketing is considered a challenge?
Experts keep talking about the blurring lines between the rural and urban boundaries but they still face troubles implementing similar campaigns in these two areas. The evidence has proven that rural marketing needs additional helping hands to pull the weight of the campaign to achieve the same level of effectiveness.

The reason behind this can be summarized as following:-

  • Lower literacy level in rural areas
  • Lack of education among working class
  • Conventional cultural and lifestyle preferences
  • Absence of proper channels of distribution
  • Dearth of established marketing channels

This creates a need for creative and improved versions of the campaigns, this is fulfilled by options such as one to one marketing or edutainment or use of folk art.
One to one marketing, we are all aware comes in many shapes and sizes and so does folk art, the new and shiny name in the list is – EDUTAINMENT.


What is Edutainment

What is Edutainment?
It is a blend of educational and recreational materials such as videos, songs, games etc. The purpose of the content is to educate while entertaining the target audience which ensures better understanding and lasting memories. The primary motive however, remains to pass along important information but the use of recreational mediums is done.

There are various examples of edutainment such as:-
Nukkad Natak

Nukkad Natak


A scripted skit which is played out on a platform other than a professional stage with the sole intention of passing along an important message.







An old age movie camera with attractive interiors that shares a concept similar with slideshows but done in a much more entertaining manner.



Puppet show

Puppet show


Puppet show catches not just every child’s but also most adult’s eyes in the first attempt, it also is one of the most entertaining ways to pass on information which otherwise might seem bland.
Participatory games
People may not want to listen, watch or see but they generally are drawn towards games and if they come with a promise of reward, they feel the force of the gravitational pull.

Advantages of Edutainment

  • Easiest way to engage an audience which is not participating in usual circumstances as entertainment taps into their emotions and provokes a response which is good for marketing.
  • Once the audience is engaging in the process, the connection between them and the brand is established.
  • The effectiveness of the medium is not affected by the education or literacy of the target audience.
  • Retention of information is increased when it is delivered clubbed with entertainment so it leaves a lasting impression.

These advantages transform into solutions for the problems faced in rural areas and thus Edutainment can play a catalytic role in conveying intended message to rural people for better understanding. The fact that it fits the requirements of a marketer who is looking to crack the code of rural marketing.

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