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JK Seeds – Azadi Ke BeejBeyond-Metro

Rural and small town marketing

01India seed industry has evolved to become sixth largest in the world. It is growing faster than global growth rate. India has spearheaded the introduction of new technology. The role of hybrids enhancing productivity is now widely acknowledged. Hybrid technology fits well for a second green revolution in food grain production which is a must to meet the challenges of rapidly growing population.  The efficiency of other Agriculture Input such as Fertilizers, Pesticides and irrigation is largely determined by quality of seeds which accounts for 20-25% of Productivity.  It is, therefore imperative that quality seeds of appropriate characteristics are made available to Farmers.

JK agri genetics is one of the oldest and largest private sector companies concentrating on research and development, production, processing and marketing of hybrid seeds. The company has been offering JK 1947 Bt Cotton in the northern cotton belt comprising of Punjab, Haryana & Rajasthan. These three states accounts for 18% of the total cotton production.

Stakes were high. The brief called for a pre season activation that required to touch-base with farmers in a way that results in the sales. To club it with our understanding of the given market which suggested a clutter breaking approach as range of promotional scheme and activities sprung up during the pre season.

In our quest to find out the insights to lay a solid foundation of the activation we were first hooked to the name of the brand i.e. JK Seeds 1947 Bt Cotton. Further study revealed that the brand successfully fight against the CCLV a disease widespread in cotton. Other set of benefit includes early maturity, better valuation and pest control.

1947 is remembered for one and only one reason. Freedom. The year 1947 witnessed India attaining freedom and marked the end of India’s struggle for freedom. The Hardship that we as a nation sustained holds vivid memory in the minds of masses. The good times that India is enjoying have been the outcome of the same. Freedom after all is a birth right of every individual on this planet.

On the same line, JK Seeds 1947 BT is another proposition filled with freedom that every cotton growing farmer aspires to have i. e. freedom to have inspected free crop, freedom to have crop early, freedom to have another crop etc.

Thus the campaign idea of Azadi ke Beej was formulated, which directly pitched to the freedom of farmers, that they want in term of getting a hassle free cotton crop.

The following were the objectives to be achieved from the campaign:

  • To reach out to farmers with key message of Ajadi Ke Beej
  • To Activation them on the key message
  • To Drive them to the retailer in their catchment area

A branded van was taken as a medium to communicate the idea. A setup was done and the anchor would call upon the farmers to the setup area. With the help of flippers, the pain points of a farmer were revealed and the disadvantages of not using JK 1947 were communicated.

Post engagement, the farmers were shot for a video with our van acting as a backdrop. The raw videos were sent to our back office, where they were edited and sent just in time to the retailers of that catchment area. Our tele-calling team ensured that the farmer is communicated about his VCD reaching the retailer. So, when a farmer would reach the outlet for purchase, JK seeds were pushed by the retailer, hence converting the whole exercise into sales.

The activation relied majorly on the video shoot and post distribution of the same. Amassing more videos would eventually result in more CD being made. This would spell magic as the idea was to numerically up the reach with focus on desired response from farmer so that a large number of them were in gamut for sales conversion.

Prerequisite for a video shoot or rather qualified video shoot was the content. The content would explicitly state the scope for JK 1947. Now next in line was how to do we make good use of CD which is going to be with farmer and since he gets to watch himself in the video we needed to amplify the pull. CD thus had 3 parts. One, JK Seeds to build farmer confidence about brand. Second, video of farmer. Third, an animated JK 1947 short film that entertainingly reminds farmer about JK 1947 and Ajadi Ke Beej.

The third piece in the CD was further tailored to become a 15 sec TV ad which was aired in the given 3 states through 2 leading news channels. The TV ad perfectly filled the vacuum between pre season and season.

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