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Posted on June 21, 2016

Posted by: Ascent Brand Communications Pvt Ltd

Myths about Digital Marketing Busted

The more people talk about something, the faster the facts get twisted. Digital Marketing and its success has attracted a lot of eyes but it has also attracted a lot of speculation at the same time. However, it is important to clarify the same to ensure efficiency in the work. Therefore, here are few such statements circulating around:-

Business strategy and Digital marketing are exclusive to each other

1.Business strategy and Digital marketing are exclusive to each other

The truth could not be far stretched from this sentence; Business strategy is holistic in nature. It means planning, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions which would render some long term benefit to the organization, brand and marketing strategy a part of the process. Digital marketing is a subcategory of marketing strategy and goes hand in hand with the overall business strategy.

2.Importance of good content is over-rated

This belief has led as many as 29% marketers to reuse content to pursue marketing. However, what they should be concentrating on is the fact that about 61% people prefer organizations which are capable of providing original content and approximately 65% would appreciate if the old age sales call was replaced by engaging content. These statistics prove that downplaying the importance of content would do more harm than good.

3.All or Nothing

There are two trains of thought, one where having a website is sufficient work and another where the organization feels the need to tap into every platform there is to market their products. Both of which are inaccurate and may result in unfavourable results.

4.SEO is extinct

“Search engine optimization was imperative 5 years ago”, this sentence is true but it is also incomplete, SEO was and still is significant to attain effectiveness and efficiency in digital marketing. It is absolutely incorrect to say that SEO is extinct; it has simply evolved to become more relevant.

Seo Marketing Web Optimization Sem Business

5.Change is constant when websites are considered

Yes, change is a constant phenomenon but there is also a certain thing called “changing too often”, redesigning and renovating can be a good thing but these decisions should be rationalized. If the surrounding is changed repeatedly, customers might never feel the familiar welcome they seek.

6.Conversion rate is low on mobile

This might have been true at a point of time but these words ceased to have value a while back. The logic behind this statement was that customers do not prefer to fill out forms or go through lengthy payment procedures on mobile. As customers evolved, so did their approach and that’s how this statement became irrelevant. The only reason this might transpire in reality is slow and unfriendly operations of the website.

Conversion rate is low on mobile

7.Social Media is not required by the established brands

It is true that social media marketing is preferred by small organizations and startups but there is no strong reasoning to it. Social Media would provide the same benefits of communication, reach and connectivity to established brands as they do to new ones. The approach will surely be different for them but it is still good for business.

8.The more keywords you repeat, the better it works

Again, excess of anything cannot be productive; instead it can render the content irrelevant and agitate the customers. The use of keywords should be optimum, not maximum for best results.

Incomplete knowledge is worse than ignorance, it is better to know than to assume.

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