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With the ever-increasing acceptance of digital media among the people worldwide, more and more organizations are accepting digital marketing leaving behind the traditional marketing mediums. Here in this blog, we will discuss various strategies that are adopted by marketers across the globe to address the millennial population. The driving force behind any organization that has..

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A retainer is understood as a fixed payment made for a set of services to be provided during a predetermined period of time, the terms of which are governed by a contract. Earlier the term “retainers” was associated with lawyers and consultants but now several professionals are keen to work on retainer rather than in..

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As the digital work develops and intensifies, the significance of a website is becoming known to people. It can be summarized as a page on the World Wide Web where information regarding your company can be displayed for the avid internet users to see and a channel of communication through which they can interact with..

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Ways to Grab a Rural Pocket Share

Countless headlines have been dedicated to the growth in rural markets and its potential; brands are warned against ignoring Rural India while the government rolls out policies with objectives to assist it. All said and done, in reality, brands still consider it a challenge to establish themselves in Rural India. Many brands struggle to see..

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Brand recall

Few terms that need to be explained for us to comprehend the title of this article are a Brand recall and brand awareness. Brand Recall It is the test of the connectivity between the brand name and a respective product type, established by the society or the customers. Technically it is based on a customer’s ability..

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In theory, marketing can seem pretty simple, but in reality, every marketer knows that underestimating the process can be a big mistake. It needs constant innovation to persuade such an ever-changing market and therefore certain ways prove to be more effective than others when they are unheard of. Gone are the days when approaching the..

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India is a secular state with vast regional differences and that means that the type of audience will differ from place to place. The difference is not solely based on the change of vernacular but is rooted deep in the cultural and ethical differences that arise out of this change. The biggest example can be..

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Digital Marketing

Small businesses usually become the victims of unplanned marketing strategies. They are very often charged with the harsh reality of simply keeping the lights on. Marketing Communication in the current digital era is complex and many businesses find it obscure—not everyone, especially those who are confined within specific geographies, finds it hard to optimize their existing..

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Community Radio is underutilized in rural India

The allure of familiarity beats the monotony of the famed. We connect to content that is surrounded with local references instantly and often reacts promptly to it. Brands are walking on this path by opting to use home-grown native citations to engage their customers in a more effective manner. Localized content development and distribution are..

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