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Integration of digital media in brand campaigns vs. Traditional Marketers

People believe that change is inevitable but they often forget that this makes learning an endless pursuit.As more and more strategic digital agencies are speaking up about the perils of the digital age, they are also speaking about the allowances of it.

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Reinvent yourself with a Digital Revamp Strategy

A business, in order to be successful should also be timeless. It should be flexible to adjust as per the waves of change and not get washed away with their arrival.

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Rural market

Want a better turnout and attention in rural markets?

It is universal, the need for change and the advent of it. The same goes for rural India, revolution is here and looks like it is here to stay.

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go to market

Start-Ups Should Have a Perfect

Start-ups are all the rage these days, entrepreneurs as young as 13 showing up on the hemisphere with mind blowing ideas has become commonplace. India is currently ranked third, close below China in the number of start-ups that were born in the country.

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Strategy should be the core of any brand campaign

Every month there are several brands popping up on the market and several locking the gates, the erraticism in the pattern is noteworthy. Why is it though that few names stick better than another?

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Go To Market Strategy

A Right Go To Market Strategy Comes Out As The Success Mantra

If you are a needle, how will you ensure that people find you in a haystack?
This is exactly how a marketer feels when faced with the dilemma of making a business shine brightest in today’s market. With descend of the modern times, the competition has not just intensified, but also multiplied in quantum.

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What is Skill India?

On July 15th 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched this campaign with hopes of being able to impart various skill sets amongst at least 40 crore Indians by year 2022.

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