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baba Ramdev

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Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Ramkrishna Yadav who found sculptures interesting so he went on a long journey to old gurukuls in and around Haryana.

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Lines are blurring in urban and rural markets

The start of a new government usually indicates beginning of new policies and paves the way for better agendas and economic reforms.

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How to justify investments in rural marketing campaigns

Rural marketing agencies have found surprisingly innovative ways to promote the product and build a brand under the pressure of unpredictable audiences and crowd of similar or competitive products.

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Common Service Centre (CSC) & their Rural Invasion

In order to supplement the efforts to digitalize rural India, the government had introduced CSCs.

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Conceptual marketing campaign works

Any great campaign starts with a raw idea that needs transformation that comes from curation done by experienced and creative hands.

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ROI of rural marketing campaign to justify marketing budgets

Companies spend a sum ranging from 7% to 11% of their revenue annually on marketing efforts and while this might seem like a decent amount to some while others would call this risky.

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Haats can be used as effective touch points in rural areas

The flea markets people so often enjoy in urban areas these days were adopted from their rural counterpart and famous cousin- Haat.

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Bioscope as an Effective Tool of Communication

Essentially, a bioscope is a movie camera belonging to the earlier era, when digitalization was not so common and widespread. It is often referred to as a travelling movie theatre due to the system involved.

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