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Rural Mela is one of the best congregations in rural India

When we hear the word Mela, we are often plagued with the images of villagers naively concentrating their resources on games and food while a group of dancers magically attain synchronization in the crowd.

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Rural hoarding plays effective role in communicating

While we advocate the benefits of adopting digital marketing and aiming our resources towards using the effective method is promotion,

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Cinema branding could be best medium in small town

Cinema can be explained as a 360 degree marketing environment, where placement opportunities are numerous.

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Rural sports should be planned for creating platform

India is known to have the largest youth population in the world, as of 2014, 1.8 billion people in India were aged between 10 to 24 years, this comprises of 28% of the total Indian population.

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college in Small town

Colleges in small towns are the best touch point

Around 70 % of Indian population resides in small towns and rural areas and about 49% of them belong to the youth group.

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Nukkad show

Nukkad show has been proven traditional art

The primary purpose of marketing and advertising, doesn’t matter through what medium executed is promotion of the product and improving awareness of the brand.

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Puppet show is a proven medium for rural marketing

The life that people have in this era basically involves work and worry, there are issues that need to be dealt with at house, office and self.

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How to select deserving and best rural marketing agency

Everyone is always talking about how difficult it is to devise a rural marketing campaign but let us talk about what makes this process easier and much more effective.

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Understanding rural consumer psyche is very important

Marketing campaign is a set of activities specifically designed to promote a product or a service through use of several media channels, the scope of such campaigns go beyond advertising and spreads through other alternatives such as word of mouth.

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