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With the urban scope developing rapidly, the potency of the markets is obviously high. Brands want to build themselves uniquely in the urban markets, catering to the highbrow expectations of the urban populace. In such a scenario, brands put in their maximum resources at play to generate best results. At Ascent, we have myriad services which help materialize our strategies into action to create an exceptional Brand Experience.

RWA Activations

Societies as human habitat are symbolic to a certain lifestyle and ethos. A brand venturing into society means marking an impression & making inroads into their lives in a different ambience and their moods. These activities serve as a platform for small-scale gatherings which enables mingling interaction and networking amongst a predetermined set of minds. Society-Connect programmes are highly beneficial in the promotion of singular activities such as:

  1. Society Meetings
  2. Morning/Evening Walkers/Joggers Activity
  3. Kitty Party – Society Signages
  4. Society Visibility – Branding
  5. Conceptual Campaigns and Visibility