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Digital Pitara – Disruptive digital  Marketing Solutions

Integration Of Online And Offline Marketing
final-logo-digital-pitaraToday, businesses need combination of different marketing strategies and tactics for maximizing the potential of benefits. The online led offline campaigns help in fading chasm between online and offline marketing.Many business titans are utilizing online and offline marketing strategies but with different departments as they see the two types of marketing with respective tactics. Now, it is very important to have synchronization between your online and offline marketing strategies.

Social Media Planning & Buying
You must be in need to make personal connections with your prospects and turn them into loyal customers. Then, social media is solution to everything you need.It is most interesting way to engage with your audience with personal touch and focus on right customer. Our team will help you in figuring out the ways to make most of every social media channel.

Content Strategy
Grow your business with modern content strategy. Every business needs to know that they need to get the content right as competition is really tough.We handle everything from creating to curating the content and provide a planned approach of content strategy.

Email Marketing
We believe in integrated marketing campaigns and email marketing is one of the best ways to generate awareness for large pool of people.The digital mailers are excellent source of targeting maximum number of customers through web as well as mobiles. The specific audience can be targeted through email marketing.

Mobile Marketing
Mobile marketing is the most trending thing, and companies are looking forward to take advantages. If you are not one of them, you need to get on the trend soon or you will be left behind competitors.It`s a set of practices like SMS, Voice, MMS, Video, In Game, QR Code, USSD, Mobile coupons, Mobile Apps etc that enables enterprises to communicate and engage with their customers and audience in an interactive manner. It can be across channels.

Video Marketing
It is the time to leverage power of online video marketing and our team of experts is well aware of successful production, distribution, optimization and marketing of videos.We take video marketing to next level that appeal with an innovative approach, the goal is to fuel the reach of your brand to increase brand visibility and sales. The concept is to integrate logic, emotions and thoughts to connect with consumers in well manner.

Website Revamping
The first impression of website counts and converts too. So, the ready option of website redesigning can help in reaching relevant visitors in target market.Often, redesigning of website is executed only with graphical or textual changes but in reality, it is very important to create and sustain the ranking of SEO while doing the job. We revamp the website to meet your online objectives i.e. increasing rates of conversion, driving huge traffic, gaining engagement of visitors, gain credibility, generating leads and ultimately, increasing sales. Our experts will help in redesigning the website to meet these goals.

Our offerings include:

  • Strategizing digital media
  • Creating & maintaining SM pages
  • Social Media reach enhancement
  • Conceptual engagement
  • Digital media planning
  • Mobile App development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media optimization
  • Email marketing campaign
  • Website revamp
  • Contests & games
  • Digital and social analytics
  • Short video development