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TVS Credit Samradhi ka Shubhaarambh

Generally people seek loan from near and dear ones and after repeated borrowings, people become hesitant while asking for money. Most of the people are not aware of availing loan from sources other than near and dear ones.

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Shriram Super

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Shriram Jyada ka irada

Shiram Fertilisers & Chemicals (SFC) has been a dominant brand in northern India with a loyal base of customer, and a proven record of lots of well performing products. One of it is Shriram Sper Phosphate (SSP).
In Maharashtra, SSP has been present for a while except for western Maharashtra which is an acclaimed region for horticulture; on the account of irregularity on supply front the retail presence was unsteady in those areas. As a result trade, distributors & dealers, were hesitant.

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John Deere Mandi Campaign

The TG was targeted by inducing test drives in them and counseling &educating them about the features of product. The idea was to generate effective market penetration & register top of the mind recall.

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JK Seeds Azadi ke beej

India seed industry has evolved to become sixth largest in the world. It is growing faster than global growth rate. India has spearheaded the introduction of new technology. The role of hybrids enhancing productivity is now widely acknowledged. Hybrid technology fits well for a second green revolution in food grain production which is a must to meet the challenges of rapidly growing population.

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Dupont a case against counterfeits

Counterfeiting of the product had become a big problem with DuPont and was eroding their brand value. DuPont devised a strategy of SMS & telemarketing to counter the problem, but in vain, as the counterfeits also started using the same serial numbers.

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Bollgard Pragati Utsav

BT II technology in seeds has bought a revolution in lives of farmers. The farmers are becoming prosperous, thanks to the increased yield of their produce.

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Birla Gold Isme Hai Dam

Maihar Cement, one of the B K Birla Group Company, is a renowned name in the cement industry. For its flagship brand Birla Gold, the client wanted to reach to contractors & land-owners in the bustling states of Bihar & UP.

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Bayer Sach ki adalat

Western UP is a sugarcane growing belt of country, and hence a lucrative market for insecticides. However, the issue of counterfeits has become a big problem for all the major players.

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Shriram Dimag ki ghnati

Madhya Pradesh accounts for the largest Soybean produce in India, which in turn also generated demand for weedicides. The market is indeed dynamic housing few dominant brands that acquire leadership position. Trade has greater thrust for these brands and farmers too have been using these for years.

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JK Seeds Indra Vajra

JK Seeds wanted to reach out to Cotton farmers in Maharashtra in a creative way, for their Indra Vajra BG II Cotton seeds. The salient feature of this product was that the final produce (Cotton Boll measured in weight) is heavier than any other seeds’ product.

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Hero Puppet Show

Hero Honda planned to do a Mandi campaign with the use of an innovative and crowd pulling concept. Ascent designed a campaign with the use of Puppet Show as a medium to attract crowd. A pre recorded audio jingle was used to play with the puppet show.

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Devgen Retailer Meet

Client wanted to unleash its pearl millet hybrid – Atheeva in an innovative way, using unique communication & marketing strategy, applicable to rural retailers.

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Krishi Mahotsav

Madhya Pradesh Government wanted to motivate farmers and disseminate them the information on us of newer technologies in farming, animal husbandry, dairy and other allied farming practices. The main aim of the program was to have one to one contact between farmers and agriculture scientist to discuss on subjects like animal husbandry, set up horticulture, fisheries etc. This one to one contact program also led to discussion on technical improvements to increase the productivity of existing crops and how to change the future of crop circle to make agriculture a profitable business.

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